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Front Runners in Global Construction

Turkish Contractors are among the top contenders in the construction world.

Operations of Turkish Contractors are spread in a wide geography in over 100 countries.

As of end of 2014, the number and value of works undertaken to date by the Turkish Contractors has surpassed 8,600 projects and USD 310 Billion majority of which are in Russia and Central Asian Republics, Middle East and North Africa.

Turkish Contractors are ranked as one of the Top Three Contenders of the World by Engineering News Record since 2006, and one of the Top Two for a couple of years.

The annual value of works undertaken in the overseas market by the Turkish Contractors have increased from USD 4.1 Billion in 2002 to USD 30.2 Billion in 2013 and USD 27.1 Billion in 2014. 


Turkish Contractors' Works

You may refer to Turkish Contractors Association website for further details (Ref.TMB/TCA);

In the International Market (General)

Breakdown by Countries

Breakdown by Types of Work




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Major construction firms to represent Turkey at Dubai fair, Today's Zaman-29.Aug.15

Key players meet at Istanbul's Tunnel Expo Turkey 2015, Daily Sabah-29.Aug.15

Renaissance ranks the 10th largest contractor in Europe-28.Aug.15

Turkish construction sector sounds alarm bells over plunging lira, Hurriyet Daily-27.Aug.15

Iraq to pay for Turkish factory seized by ISIL, Hurriyet Daily-27.Aug.15

Renaissance Construction announces acquisition of 71,438 Depositary Receipts in the capital of Ballast Nedam-27.Aug.15

Somalia gives Turkish firm 20-year contract to run Mogadishu port, HM-26.Aug.15 (ALBAYRAK)

Middle East Investors rush on Turkish Real Estate, Property Showrooms-26.Aug.15

Libya turns to Turkish firms to repair and maintain power plants, BGN News-24.Aug.15

Turkish contractors rank second in the world for 8th year in a row, Daily Sabah-23.Aug.15

Turkey's global competition with China, Global Risk Insights-23.Aug.15

Turkey ranks second for top contracting companies, Turkish Weekly-21.Aug.15

Turkey second only to China for number of top contracting companies, BGN News-21.Aug.15

Contract awarded for Istanbul Line M4 extension, Rail Journal-19.Aug.15

Turkish Limak wins new terminal construction tender of Kuwait Int’l Airport for $4.34 bln, Hurriyet Daily, Limak to construct new terminal at Kuwait International Airport, Daily Sabah-18.Aug.15

Turkey's 'Mega Projects' propel the country towards 2023 targets, ISPAT-18.Aug.15

Anel MEP focusing efforts on UAE and Qatar, CWO-17.Aug.15

A New Project Has Been Added to Renaıssance Health Care Investment Projects: İstanbul İkitelli Integrated Health Campus-14.Aug.15

Turkish participation in TAPI could give it a necessary boost, Azer News-14.Aug.15

Turkey and the GCC: ‘A win-win dynamic,’ economists say, Turkish Weekly-13.Aug.15

FDI into Turkey lights up the energy sector in the first half, ISPAT-13.Aug.15

Iran, Turkey to Increase Reciprocal Visits by Trade Delegations, Tasnim News-09.Aug.15

Rwanda: Kigali CVB says yes to Turkish contractor after firing Chinese, eTN-08.Aug.15

''Socar Turkey" launches construction of seaport for Star Oil Refinery, News.Az-05.Aug.15

Sri Lanka President appreciates Turkey's steps to enhance bilateral corporation, Colombo Page-04.Aug.15

TANAP being built without delays, Trend.Az-03.Aug.15

Kenya: Turkey is Ready to Further Deepen and Strengthen Its Support to Kenya, All Africa-03.Aug.15

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ENR (Engineering News Record)'s Top International Contractors 2015 ranking based on the revenues generated outside home countries in 2015 lists 43 Turkish Contractors among Top 250 International Contractors;

8 in Top 100


62nd POLIMEKS, 65th ENKA, 82nd TAV,

89th CALIK, 90th TEKFEN, 92nd ANT YAPI



125 ATLAS TEXAS, 133.GAMA, 139.NUROL, 145.LIMAK, 151.KUZU, 157.DIA HOLDING, 158.ONUR, 159.KAYI, 164.ESER, 168.ASLAN YAPI, 169.CENGIZ, 177.MAPA, 179.DOĞUŞ, 183.BAYBURT, 184.ALARKO, 192.STFA, 200.SUMMA, 205. YENIGUN, 208.GULERMAK, 209.KONTEK, 214.RASEN, 223.GURBAG, 229.AE ARMA-ELEKTOPANC, 230 LOTUS, 232, DORCE, 233.ZAFER, 236.METAG, 240.KOLIN,

242. PREKONS, 248.TEPE  

A listing based on Total Turnover of Turkish Contractors with links to their websites will be provided in the Turkish Contractors page of the site.












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